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Textile clothing T-shirt printer do custom have what advantage? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-11
Garment customization, refers to the use of pure color T-shirt, customers can put their printed or text content related to printed on clothes. Clothing T-shirt is a different style and color, fabric quick-drying, pure cotton, lycra, etc are available. So what is the advantage custom clothing T-shirt? 1. The shortest garment customization takes time. New garment laser printing machine USES the digital direct injection technology, namely on the fabric can play and play, greatly save the cost of time. If there is activity in urgent need of custom that is more convenient. 2. The price is relatively cheap. Normally if you want to customize their own T-shirt, choose other process start from the work piece, plate-making process, the cost is considerable. If the clothes are in urgent need of delivery of the goods, also need to spend a small amount of urgent processing fees. Using digital direct injection technology can print rich color, to ensure that the print color fastness and permeability. Screen printing need skilled master of plate making, tinted, etc. , can only do some monochrome or a few simple colour tinted, small batch processing customization cost is too high, and not enough individual character, really not cost-effective; After thermal transfer printing patterns can't guarantee the permeability of clothes, if the clothes is so not timely to sports activities. Hand in hand with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop independent boards, to break the speed of the current printing digital printing industry clothing and print hd two black t-shirts two costs 2 & lsquo; 40 ' ‘ ! 18 years, from the start of this industry, the popularity and development of new printer experience, is the crystallization of wisdom. Developed a high level of uv laser printing machine, universal printer, printer. Sales hotline: 400 8316492; 13265335569
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