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Textile printing custom public green T-shirt -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-11
With the development of the society, our awareness of environmental protection is also more and more strong. Up, & other; Earth hour & throughout; Have come for 12 years, there are more than 180 countries to participate in, hundreds of millions of people to respond. It can be said that the campaign has become the world's most influential environmental public welfare activities. More and more public welfare activities are also reminds us, to protect the earth, protect the environment and the protection of animals means protecting the earth homeland. More and more organizations and individuals custom t-shirts, of environmental protection commonweal propaganda to promote environmental protection knowledge. Digital direct injection T-shirt laser printing machine does not need plate making, using computer graphics, can be directly on the cotton print pattern. Digital printing laser printing machine operation is simple, pollution-free, environmental protection and completely broke the traditional screen printing color limit. Textile laser printing machine adopts imported environmental protection textile white ink and color ink. Custom T-shirt design of environmental protection commonweal needs to pay attention to? 1. Custom color T-shirt design of environmental protection commonweal first need to consider the collocation of color. In general can choose white or black at the bottom of the shirt color, white more joker, no matter what designs are appropriate, the collect inside black is more stable. 2. Design some environmental elements can be used to design, such as environmental protection of words, illustrations, symbol, logo and so on. Fast to get to know the T-shirt printer, different size of the machine, there is always a meet your requirements.
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