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That kind of laser carving machine can engrave plastic, ABS, PVC, metal and other materials

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-19
Laser carving machine one of the optical fiber laser marking machine is the use of fiber laser. Optical fiber laser marking machine has long service life, maintenance free, no consumables, high stability, high efficiency, wide range application and use of the advantages of low cost. Currently, more and more industries in the introduction and use of optical fiber laser marking machine. So how widely the application scope of laser carving machine? Optical fiber laser marking machine can adapt to the materials mainly consists of the components in metal and nonmetal. Its working principle is through the laser evaporation surface, so as to form the identity. Usually metal materials can use laser carving machine for marking, just effect is good and bad. Such as aluminum and copper, in aluminum it mark words only type white, logo is not very clear, need certain skills to deal with to above with clear identification. Such as copper, can hit logo on it is very wonderful. Plastic, hard plastic such as ABS, PVC are better to play, there are various plastic materials, hard commonly, the deeper the color, the easier it is to play the logo with optical fiber laser marking machine.
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