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The 6-line printing technology of the inkjet printer is here!

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-29
A little more, one more row, 6 rows, 35 dot matrix, Leadtech 8920/40 new upgrade software, 35 dot matrix, 6 rows In the field of small character cij printers, how to achieve more dot matrix while being beautiful is one of the many manufacturers in the product design link difficulty. Based on the inkjet printing principle of the cij printer, the characters formed by each inkjet printing are piled up one by one ink dots. Therefore, the more dots, the more precise the control of the ink dot flight is required, so that the ejection is both beautiful and beautiful. The mark that meets the standard. Picture|Ink dots are piled up into characters and the effect of printing. As the new models 8920 and 8940 in the Leadtech 8900 series cij printers, they have been upgraded to a maximum of 35 dots, which can make the maximum number of lines printed by the machine reach 6 lines. It is a maximum of 34 dots, that is, 'a little more and one line'. As shown in the figure below, taking the number '1' of each row of 5 dots as an example, if the total height of the dot matrix is u200bu200b34 dots, then the total number of rows will not reach 6. It is precisely because of one more point that the 8920 and 8940 can easily print out 6 lines of data. Effect | Proofing effect The 8920 and 8940 models can also be matched with the latest right-angle nozzles, which can be used in a variety of complex production environments. For more information, please visit Leadtech's official website: or call:
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