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The advantage of using the T-shirt printer -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-22
Once upon a time if we want to customize a belongs to own T-shirt, can only choose their hand-painted T-shirt. If you don't have a certain ability of painting, draw the effect and own vision effect really are two different things. In fact, a few years ago began to also have custom clothing technology, but the basic is screen printing or thermal transfer process. Screen printing need tinted, and a single color, print all white design easy to yellow; Thermal transfer clothes feel bad again, stiff and sticky, and washed clothes folded easily adhesions. These processes not only operation cumbersome, but not environmental protection. Latest launch a double location digital printing T-shirt printer, custom procedure is simple, as long as you can use the computer and master the basic P figure technology can easily create your own custom t-shirts! The advantage of using T-shirt printer is obvious. Simple explain: 1. T-shirt laser printing machine adopts environment-friendly textile printing ink, not only the printing effect is better, and harmless to the environment and personal! 2. T-shirt printer can print quickly, only 1 & # 39; 30 inches to print two pieces of white T-shirt, and print a color is vivid! 3. T-shirt printer can make the garment factory and personalization shopkeeper online e-commerce, offline store mode, reduce the investment, profits and flexible operation.
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