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The advantages of inkjet printer and traditional printing design

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-27
At present, small character cij printers are mainly used to print small characters, numbers and graphics on sub-products. The high-resolution cij printer, as the name suggests, is used to print large text, numbers and graphics on the outer packaging carton. Compared with the previous printing equipment and technology, these two types of non-contact continuous cij printers have at least the following five common advantages:    (1) Clear and durable handwriting: computer control, accurately print out the required numbers and characters. Patterns and barcodes, etc.  (2) Wide range of applications: it can be matched with any production line. It can print trademarks, date of manufacture, description, batch number, etc. on the surface of various materials, such as plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, metal, etc.  (3) Programming is quick and convenient: input the required numbers, characters, patterns and line numbers through a computer or editing machine, modify the printing information, and just press the number key to complete.  (4) Adjustable character size: The width and height of the font can be adjusted within a suitable range, and the font can be bolded arbitrarily.  (5) The printing speed is extremely fast: the fastest printing is 1950 characters/sec or 45m/min. It is precisely because the non-contact small character inkjet printer and high-resolution inkjet printer are the crystallization of computers and high technology, their reliability is quite high, the software version is easy to upgrade, the cost of printing on the product is very low, and it has the above Significant advantages. Therefore, small character inkjet printers and high-resolution cij printers can be widely used in various industries such as food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, packaging, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, mechanical parts and cables.
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