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The advantages of inkjet printers in various industries

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-03
Nowadays, the application of inkjet printers is very wide, suitable for almost any industry. It is a device that prints variable information on products during online production. At the same time, the cij printer can print various types of barcodes and patterns on product parts, and it has a wide range of applications in the production and circulation of products. mainly use ink to print codes on the surface of items that need to be coded. With the development of technology, the types of cij printers have become more and more diversified. Now manufacturers in various industries are printing product identification and product packaging in large quantities. are always used, which has the advantages of low cost, large quantity and high efficiency. The printer also has the following advantages? 1. It will not touch any surface of the substance being sprayed, and the overall effect of printing is better; 2. It can be applied to a variety of surface materials such as plastic. Different surface materials provide different inks, or things that are fragile and compare. Soft things can get a good printing effect; 3. The speed is as fast as the production of beverages and fillings; 4. The content of the information can be edited and modified at will, such as the material production date and time, expiration date, serial number, etc., which will be volatile thing. In order to meet the needs of customers, the cij printer will be more improved. No external air source, no thinner, no noise, no irritating smell, no pollution to the environment, the printing speed does not change with the number of lines, and the large and small characters can be printed. The machine is dual-purpose, stable performance, convenient maintenance, humanized and beautiful appearance design, making the operation easy and free.
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