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The advantages of laser marking machine in anti-counterfeiting marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-05

The advantages of laser marking machine in anti-counterfeiting signs There are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting signs today, including two-dimensional codes, barcodes, digital codes, etc., but they all have a common feature, all of which are It is marked with a fiber laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machine is an advanced equipment that is relatively common in the industrial processing market today, with stable marking performance and clear handwriting. Because of its wide range of applicable materials, metals, non-metals, electronic components, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, etc. Fiber laser marking machine is more and more favored by people, because the pictures and texts it marks are exquisite, beautiful, and fine lines, which can reach the micron level and are simple and easy to operate. The marked product logo is permanent, cannot be wiped, and will not fade, so it cannot be changed or imitated. No matter the product is big or small, the fiber laser marking machine can easily mark it. The marking effect is exquisite and beautiful, which will enhance your product a lot of brand flavor. Moreover, the fiber laser marking machine adopts the non-contact type. Processing method, so there will be no wear on the product workpiece.

The pictures and texts marked by the fiber laser marking machine will not be worn out with the passage of time, so that the mark itself has A certain anti-counterfeiting effect, the laser marking machine is a combination of computer and mechanical equipment, all operations are through the computer, the operation is simple and convenient, the graphics and text styles can be replaced at will, no molds are required, and customers can freely design fonts according to their own preferences. The laser marking machine also has no consumables, zero pollution, no noise, maintenance-free and long service life. It can also realize the advantages of assembly line production, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and reduce the overall cost.

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