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The advantages of UV inkjet printers on cartons

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-07

What are the advantages of UV cij printers applied to cartons? In the carton packaging industry, inkjet printers are often used to print serial numbers and production Some variable data information content such as date and batch number.

There are many types of cij printers for cartons. At present, the models that can be used for inkjet printing on carton packaging include thermal foam inkjet printers, inkjet printers on demand, Both small character inkjet printer and UV inkjet printer can be used. However, in actual applications, the content to be printed on the carton is different, and the types of inkjet printers actually used are also different. For example, if you only need to print a simple production date and other information, then the four models introduced by Ouma above can be easily achieved. However, if you want to print high-quality two-dimensional codes, barcodes and other information, you need to focus on the recognizable rate of two-dimensional codes, barcodes and other content. Because the printing accuracy of the small character inkjet printer is 70DPI, the inkjet printer on demand is 200DPI, the thermal foam inkjet printer has the accuracy of 300DPI-600DPI, and the cij printer has a printing accuracy of 300DPI-600DPI. The printing accuracy is adjustable between 200DPI-1200DPI, so the specific type of cij printer to be selected also needs to be determined according to the customer's inkjet requirements. The lower the printing accuracy, the lower the recognizable rate of QR codes and barcodes, and vice versa.

The two-dimensional code cij printer for carton is mainly UV inkjet printer. Its advantages are as follows:

The first point: jet printing accuracy. The printing accuracy of UV inkjet printer is high, and the printing accuracy can be set by itself within a certain range. Enterprise users choose UV inkjet printers to ensure high recognition rates for barcodes, QR codes, and other content, and do not need to use high-end collection equipment, so in practical applications, it is more suitable for enterprise users with large production volumes.

The second point: The UV inkjet printer can be connected to multiple sets of nozzles to meet the coding needs of multiple production lines. The printing speed is fast, which saves a certain amount of purchase cost for enterprise users.

The third point: good visual effects. UV inkjet printer uses environmentally friendly UV ink, which meets the adaptability of a variety of materials, and can have good firmness and visual effects on the surface of permeable and non-permeable materials;

Fourth point: UV ink Good adhesion and environmental protection. UV inkjet printer ink generally guarantees high adhesion on the surface of the material, which can prevent scratches and waterproof to the greatest extent.

In carton coding, when we use UV inkjet printer to print variable barcodes or variable QR codes, there are some things that need to be paid attention to. The following are five precautions compiled by the editor to understand.

1. The commonly used material in the packaging carton is silk screen paper, which is different from ordinary white paper. It is necessary to pay attention to the reflectivity of the paper on the corrugated paper, which will affect the recognition of the barcode.

2. When selecting inkjet inks, high-performance inkjets with good color fastness, low air permeability, and moderate ink diffusion should be used to ensure the high quality of the bar code spraying code.

3. Pay attention to the dimensional accuracy when printing the bar code of the corrugated box. The surface of the carton may not be completely flat, and the force may be uneven during transportation, which may cause the bar code to bend and deform. The bar code should have a certain tolerance range when the accuracy is guaranteed.

4. The bar code has strict requirements on the bar spacing ratio, so it is necessary to ensure the stability of the production line speed. If the speed of the production line changes, all of these will lead to changes in the length of the printed content. For text content, the change in length generally does not affect misreading, but for bar code printing, the change in the length of the bar code will change the blank rate of the bar code, causing the code to be unrecognizable. If it is impossible to ensure the stability of the spraying process, a synchronizer should be configured to ensure that the printing speed of the printer is synchronized with the speed of the production line.

5. Before batch printing of barcodes, a barcode printing test should be carried out to ensure that the barcodes can be scanned and read correctly. Because bar codes must be read using special equipment, unlike reading text information directly with the naked eye, the correctness of the bar code content must be checked before mass production to prevent human error. During the inkjet printing process, random inspections should be carried out regularly.

The above is about the advantages and precautions of the application of UV inkjet printers on cartons. Sign Technology Co., Ltd. has focused on inkjet coding technology for more than 15 years and has served 2000+ high-quality customers , Good reputation, if you have other questions about the printer, please consult:

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