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The anti-counterfeiting application of inkjet printer for identifying old wine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-16

The identification of old wine requires sufficient experience and a thorough knowledge of the trademark history and packaging history of various wines.

   Take Moutai as an example, we need to know how many trademarks have been used for decades since 1950, which are used for export, which are used for domestic sales, and what are they used Material

Quality paper and what kind of ink printing; you need to know which specific years these trademarks were used in; more detailed, different years, the pattern of the Moutai trademark< /p>

, the size is different, even the slight difference needs to be mastered. On the packaging, how many kinds of bottles have been used, the size and material of the bottles are also different; there are also wine labels and back stickers, and the text and size on different years are also different. different. The more important thing is the bottle mouth. If it is new wine in an old bottle, the bottle cap is the core of authenticity verification


   Among all the famous wines, Moutai Distillery seems to work hardest on its bottle caps. For example, the Moutai in the 1950s has a special sealing distance, using cork stoppers, and the outer porcine bladder (porcine urinary bubble) is sealed. After the 1960s, part of the plastic plugs were screwed with plastic caps or metal caps, and then plastic sealed on the outside. In some years, streamers were also used. These plastic covers and plastic covers have different colors in different ages, and different sizes and heights. The identification of the seal is the system's identification

The process depends on whether the film is in ruin, Burst is invisible, the seal is intact or there is looseness, and there are signs of no one doing the old; if the seal is real but the bottom of the seal is broken, then there is a lot of wine in the wine It is possible that ingredients such as ethanol and flavors will evaporate, and the state of old wine in this state will be greatly reduced. But if the wine bottle

the material is good, the bottom of the seal is intact, and the natural conditions for storage of the wine (such as dark, room temperature, ventilation, etc.) are up to the standard, the wine can be guaranteed The quality taste has no peculiar smell, and it is suitable for drinking. It cannot be generalized here, it should depend on the specific situation. There are also outer packaging, some periods have boxes, some periods have no boxes, and some periods only use one layer of tissue paper.

   Then there is the date, some years do not have the date printed on the bottle body, and the date written on the wine label in different years is written in Arabic numerals, or Chinese numerals

There are also differences. Later, the marking equipment became more and more advanced. With the continuous expansion of cij printers in various industries, the bottle mouth of Moutai used cij printer technology to display the date.

   After understanding the knowledge of these systems, you should also be familiar with the anti-counterfeiting technology of Moutai, Wuliangye and other various famous wines for a long time. So, see one

Bottles of old wine, without opening the bottle, the authenticity can be judged by looking, touching, smelling, comparing, observing the characteristics of hops and professional auxiliary tools. From here on, through

After a long time of playing and exploring and learning based on historical materials of various wineries since the liberation It established theoretical and practical technical support for 'identifying old wine'.

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