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The application of laser marking machine in industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-03
Laser marking machine technology as a kind of modern precision machining method, and the corrosion, such as pneumatic processing, has a unique advantage: using laser as the means of type, laser marking machine technology as a kind of modern precision machining method, and the corrosion, pneumatic compared processing, has a unique advantage. According to the classification of wavelength laser marking machine: according to the different laser wavelengths can be divided into: deep ultraviolet laser marking machine, 266海里) , green laser marking machine, 532nm ) , lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine, 1064海里) YAG laser marking machine, semiconductor pump YAG laser marking machine, semiconductor side pump ( 1064海里) , optical fiber laser marking machine, 1064海里) , CO2 laser marking machine, 10. 64um) 。 On the market the most common type of laser marking machine is mainly by CO2 laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine later gradually replaced by semiconductor laser marking machine, laser marking machine market share up to a model, there are also some high-end end pump laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, etc. Laser marking is using high energy laser gasification material surface in a very short time to leave a permanent mark, laser marking is the use of computer control, can accurate in bottle face all sorts of beautiful design or text, laser marking machine is not only a marking graphic, qr code, bar code, production date, product information, and so on are able to do marking, the operation is simple. Laser marking machine of low cost, marking out the graphic permanent not to wipe the tampering, anti-counterfeit effect, effectively protecting the enterprise reputation and image. And laser marking machine is make the way of non-contact processing, processing will not produce machine for products in the process of deformation, leading to product scrap, with the continuous development of laser technology, laser marking machine today of long service life, stable performance, marking by delicate, clear, beautiful, applicable material widely, can realize assembly line production, maintenance, at the same time of increase production, also can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprise, believes that the application of laser in beer industry in the near future will be increasingly specification.
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