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The application of laser marking machine in the health care industry logo

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-12

as regardless of the development of medical industry in recent years, for some of the new composite materials have been introduced pharmaceutical packaging field, because of the health care industry is one of an important part of national economy in our country, so countries for packaging issues in medical industry is also more attention, is apparently shown in the relevant provisions of the medical goods need to clearly identify manual, label on the outer packing, production date, address, and other related information, otherwise cannot by detecting the factory and sold to consumers. So the merchants of the health care industry will according to the rules to choose the suitable cij printer.

the development of the society is a process of constant progress, so for traditional inkjet print code already more and more difficult to meet the demand of modern medical industry code, the original inkjet code in material and technology there are a lot of limitations, has maintained the existing forms will be replaced by a new printer. It is only to meet the needs of social development to retain, and favored by consumers. So for laser marking machine, it can be gained by virtue of the advantage technology and medical industry merchants recognition, and get rapid development in society.

why laser marking machine is able to meet the needs of the health care industry high standards? First of all for medical, also attaches great importance to the safety and health of all the problems, so the product outer packing mark for the demand is particularly high. For general frontal jet. the will exist because of its toxic substances or eliminated, can cause pollution to the environment and other reasons but won't laser marking machine, laser marking belongs to a kind of non-contact and non-toxic harmless non-pollution a form of marking, comply with the health care industry for safety and health problems.

second, many code laser laser marking machine to print out the tag doesn't have stability, easily affected by external environment, thus affecting the mark inspection. And laser marking machine has good stability, persistence, KangFuXing, clear and intuitive features, such as markers are difficult to change, can very good protect medical goods and prevent being copied.

the last will consider from economic Angle, any industry businesses want to be able to earn maximum profit under the lowest cost, and laser marking machine also can meet the requirements of businesses, its work efficiency production speed can satisfy the modern medical industry, can reduce the labor costs in the process of work, marking speed can reach 2 ~ 4 m/S, and can work continuously for 24 hours, not because of work time is too long and cause the system paralysis.

the health care industry in all aspects of the requirements are relatively high, so for the laser marking machine is also requires constant innovation and development, not because have to replace the traditional inkjet print code will technology stagnation, and not to innovate. High-speed development in the social environment, only by constantly innovate, can better meet the needs of the medical industry, can always get the favour of the health care industry business, to make them always choose us not been replaced with new things.

overall, laser marking technology in the medical industry and the progress of laser engraving technology are existing huge space, but at this stage of the laser marking machine reliability, durability, recommend suite, simplicity of operation, ease of use, the clarity of the running stability, tags and other characteristics, is recognised by many health care industry at home and abroad high praise.
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