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The application of laser printer to the pharmaceutical industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-03

With the enhancement of safety awareness, people's attention to the safety of medicines continues to increase. When there is a problem with the medicine, the source of direct traceability is based on the identification code on the medicine packaging. The pharmaceutical packaging industry needs to strictly control the labeling of drugs. The safety of medicines affects the hearts of thousands of families. The application of laser coding in the medical marking industry has become widespread. Its non-contact and pollution-free marking method meets the safety and health requirements of medical products. The laser coding machine uses laser coding technology to mark clear and intuitive information, has strong corrosion resistance, and is difficult to change and erase, thus ensuring the anti-counterfeiting of medicines and making consumers more at ease when using them. The laser printing machine uses a high-energy laser beam as a brush, and controls the motion trajectory of the brush through the combination of a computer and precision machinery. The laser printer has the characteristics of non-contact and high processing accuracy, and can accurately print the corresponding supervision code on the medicine packaging box.

The laser printer can print numbers, text and patterns, and the number of printed lines and font size are not limited. Users can also set according to their needs. Compared with traditional inkjet printers, laser inkjet printers can directly encode information, such as the production date, on the surface or inside of the product. The printing effect of the code is clearer, and it is not easy to wipe or change. For pharmaceutical companies, the use of inkjet printers can improve product images and maintain consistent labels, making it easier to establish recognizable images and beautify the product surface to help increase product sales in the market. All walks of life are promoting the concept of environmental protection and green production. The laser printer does not need to clean the nozzles, and does not need to frequently replace consumables, which is more environmentally friendly than the use of ink, and greatly saves operating costs. Although compared with traditional inkjet printers, laser cij printers are more expensive. Laser printers have gradually become more and more popular in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries to further protect product information and protect the interests of consumers.

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