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The approximate classification of inkjet printer ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-08

1. The composition and function of inkjet printer ink:

1. Pigment: organic pigment, inorganic pigment. (black, red, yellow, green, blue) present color.

2. Solvent: butanone, acetone, ethanol, methanol, hexanediol, etc. Solvent, drying speed, safety.

3. Conductive agent: for small character ink.

4. Resin: adhesion and printing effect.

5. According to the machine used: ① large character ink; ② small character ink; ③ high resolution ink.

6. According to the solvent: ① ketone-based ink; ② alcohol-based ink; ③ water-based ink; ④ mixed solvent ink.

7. Easy to plug: ②Dry quickly; ①Filter precision; ④Environmental reasons; ③Machine reasons.

Fourth, the characteristics of various cij printer consumables:

1. Water-based ink: ①Advantages: environmental protection and safety; ②Disadvantages: only suitable for absorbent materials.

2. Ketone-based ink: ①Advantages: fast drying (3-5 seconds); ②Disadvantages: easy to plug, volatile and dangerous.

3. Mixed ink: ①Advantages: relatively safe and unique; ②Disadvantages: complex formula and complex production process.

4. Alcohol-based ink: ①Advantages: Safer, not easy to plug, more environmentally friendly; ②Disadvantages: slow drying (10-15 seconds).

Water-based inks can be printed on permeable surfaces such as: paper, wood, corrugated cardboard. Oil-based, quick-drying inks on non-permeable surfaces such as plastic, glass, wrap film and more. Recently, there have been many problems that glass bottles or oily surfaces are easy to wipe off. Here, very good breakthroughs have been made, such as alcohol-resistant inks, high-temperature-resistant inks, penetrating oil-based inks, and corrosion-resistant inks. These are our ongoing efforts. Aspects of Ru0026D and progress.

In 'The ink quality of the inkjet printer is very important for the stable operation of the inkjet printerThe majority of users must pay attention to some details when choosing cij printer consumables for cij printers, such as SGS reports, hazardous chemicals business licenses, etc., I hope to help users.

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