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The benefits of laser marking machine setting red light indicator

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-01
The advantages of the laser marking machine with red light indication The laser marking machine mainly works by laser, and the red light indication function is needed in the working process. At present, most of the laser equipment produced in China do not have red light output. To bring inconvenience to the work, how to set the red light for the laser marking machine, specifically only need two parts; the 45-degree beam combiner and the fixed frame of the beam combiner. The    degree beam combiner can pass more than 99.9% of the laser beam of 1000-1100nm at an inclination of 45 degrees, and the reflected light of about 60% can reach 500-800nm. The main function of the fixing frame is to adjust the position of the red light so that it is electrically insulated from the casing to achieve a good fixing effect;    only need to set the above components for the laser marking laser marking machine, it can output well Red light, simple steps, bring great benefits, provide fast and accurate positioning effect for the marking machine, this is the main function of red light.
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