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The charm of retrograde, as an 'epidemic' of public volunteers exclusive vest - custom

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-10
The sudden outbreak of 2020, the world in the fight! We are concern about their health at the same time, there are many people on the retrograde and! Is not only a white angels treating patients in a line, and there are a lot of people silently for the prevention and control the outbreak of war all the way forward. They may be road sanitation workers, even if we stop working they also in the maintenance of urban rural road neat; They may be the traffic police to security, screening the pedestrian's health for us; They may be selfless volunteers, voluntary support in this difficult time, or for prevention and control, or to carry out convenient service, or engage in logistics, or supplies & hellip; … They are the most beautiful people! A solid bastion, configure the protective equipment such as gloves, watering can, raincoat, remind cadres according to the requirements for self protection, pay attention to personal health and report the information in a timely manner. Many companies also love volunteers for custom-made the volunteer vest, eye-catching, not only to facilitate people looking for support, but also an own love for outbreak. Textile laser printing machine can help enterprise work love volunteers ma3 jia3, environmental protection no pollution, small batch production is not a dream! Not only can be customized to local volunteer logo, also can be customized corporate support love wishes, using high-quality water-based textile ink, printing gradient & amp; More color, more detailed pictures. Let's do good attentively, can also set up a heart to love your own enterprise and run it yourself, why not? Please refer the hotline: miss Chen, 13265335569
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