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The cooperation pattern printing vendors would have what - Article LED lights - spurt the code machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-23
Printing factory may be a lot of big companies are not unfamiliar equipment manufacturer, because of machine could be applied in different industry, especially with regards to product packaging production date printing, will meet jet. the such equipment usage. The printing factory can give to cooperation mode is what? 1. temporary lease her take the particularity of manufacturer is to need to have been sold to spurt the code machine maintenance for a long period of time, and cij printer maintenance must be conducted by the same manufacturer. Therefore printing vendors would provide is the main temporary lease on the cooperation pattern, such as in the short term there is a lot of products to spurt the code, you can will products to spurt the code vendors would spray, or printing factory demodulation one or two to spurt the code machine manufacturers internal spraying task. 2. sales plan for factory need to use for a long time to spurt the code machine, laser marking machine leasing methods, it is not very appropriate, but to use cij printer to buy or sell, can reduce the cost of normal use spurt the cij printer. Printing factory service attitude of the home for sale spurt the code machine, have a professional sales to spurt the code machine technical support. 3. long-term lease and short-term rental business, printing and long-term lease project, is actually a dozen vendors would give their spraying equipment long-term lease for use in a factory. And printing factory's advantage is that for the long-term lease spurt the code machine will also be able to give to timely maintenance equipment failure. Up to now according to the different products, printing factory to spurt the code machine needs to make short-term, long-term or sold directly to spurt the code machine sales business. And printing vendors would either for a spurt the code machine, already sell or lease process of spurt the code machine, are all have responsible attitude to spurt the code machine maintenance, even the cij printer leasing can also timely return to the original factory for repair and replacement.
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