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The correct use and selection of bar code inkjet printer-identification inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-24

How to use and choose the barcode printer correctly? Nowadays, barcodes, QR codes and other codes can be seen everywhere, such as food, beverages, carton packaging boxes, daily cosmetics and other permeable materials will be marked with barcodes. Therefore, there are more and more applications of barcode cij printers. It is particularly important to choose the right barcode cij printer. So how to choose and use it correctly? Today, I will talk to you about this knowledge.

What are the types of barcode printers? In addition to high-resolution machines, there are also small-character machines and laser marking machines. The small-character barcode printer has a faster printing speed, and can achieve a high-speed online code assignment of 100m/min at the fastest; bar code The laser machine can achieve a higher level of anti-counterfeiting function. The laser forms the non-erasable and modifyable content information on the product surface, which can be stored for a longer time and the information content is more durable.

What should I pay attention to when using a barcode printer? (1). Scanning rate: The printed barcode generally contains a lot of content, such as English, numbers, Chinese, etc. For information transmission, if the scanning rate is not reached, the entire product will not be recognized, which will affect product quality and customer identity. (2) Daily cleaning: such as cleaning the surface of the machine after get off work, tidying up and rectifying the working environment, the ambient temperature and humidity must be within a reasonable range, and the ground wire must be connected to prevent electrostatic interference from causing equipment abnormalities. (3) Maintenance: During the use process, no matter what model or type of machine, it is very important to not forget the maintenance and maintenance. This is very important in order for the cij printer to have a better printing effect and achieve its due For the service life of the battery, daily maintenance must be carried out to keep the whole machine in a healthy state of operation, whether it is the ink circuit system or the circuit system.

How to use the barcode printer correctly? Different surface materials need to choose different types of barcode printer. Characters formed on the surface of different materials are different, and the adhesion is also different. Here we will mention the ink types and selection instructions of the barcode printer. Generally, on metal or plastic surfaces, we will choose fast-drying inks. In terms of adhesion, we will generally tailor the ink according to the customer's process requirements, such as whether alcohol wiping, high temperature, freezing and other production links are required. In addition, for some bottled products, such as the olive oil industry, the packaging is on the bottle. We will select inks that can penetrate the oil for testing to improve the accuracy of a successful one.

The above is a brief overview of how to choose a barcode inkjet printer and how to use the barcode cij printer correctly. The logo has been researched on inkjet printer technology for more than 15 years, independent research and development, and already served We have won more than 2000 high-quality customers, and we have continued to praise, and we can provide comprehensive and complete automation solutions in a timely manner according to customer requirements. The company has free proofing and after-sales response speed.


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