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The current domestic and foreign import uv flat-panel printers, what are the differences? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-12
In 2003, UV flat-panel printers spread across the globe printing industry. The personalized features all over the world, as long as there is any machine in China and the United States, can do it, is the quality of products. In inkjet equipment, high precision equipment represents the high level of productivity, so when using the operating equipment, technician need to possess some experience, can use the machine. Today's flat laser printing machine equipment in addition to the well-known international manufacturers because of China's market resulting from flat-panel printers are doing, but the price is very expensive, industrial machine nozzle on the market at present is epson, seiko, ricoh, Toshiba, etc. Because of its stainless steel nozzle, and nozzle is bigger, in use process, nozzle clogging the fault will be relatively less, but expensive machines, inappropriate soho, and entrepreneurs. High precision because of the piezoelectric nozzle only Japan EPSON service life and good compatibility, HP no, homebred Canon, lenovo is not the most appropriate choice. Epson five generations of sprinkler nozzle, is currently the most popular is the highest evaluation after the modification, because of their poor assembly process, the initial quality is not stable, manufacturers to cut corners when loading machine, failure is often find that after years of improvement, 1390, 1900, a3 the stability of the machine was highly appreciated by the customers, the same A17800 A0 9800 machine after the 67 years of experience, also has become more stable. Has on the market at present domestic board support EPSON head machine, UV flat-panel double-headed machine, because single head double has increased a lot change is convenient, but the speed of a machine is limited, especially the speed of single nozzle plate laser printing machine for now some hard, said the industry advanced technicians have technical experience manufacturers are using double or long, in Bai Cai with print, time to many wide, greatly improve the efficiency. Single nozzle of the machine due to the original board is to use EPSON, in the process of using voltage control can achieve ideal state, the effect is relatively good, but the protection of the original motherboard has certain limitation, use time long will produce the phenomenon of slow down, and have the strength of domestic manufacturers to use the independent research and development of the motherboard, perfect out domestic printing speed down phenomenon, greatly improved production efficiency. Friendship remind: print market currently EPSON 8 generation piezoelectric nozzle is the best nozzle, use the shower nozzle have domestic most pictorial machine and tablet laser printing machine manufacturers. Do one of the earliest domestic manufacturer is science and technology, strong r&d team, leading machine configuration, high cost performance, especially the very stable, use ten years. BYC - 4060 uv flat-panel printers
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