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The demand for mask inkjet printers increases, how to properly maintain the inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-10

A third of 2020 has passed. From the end of 2019 to the present, we have experienced too many disasters. Now that the haze has cleared, life is basically on the right track. The impact of the new crown pneumonia has made the demand for masks soar, and many overseas countries are even more difficult to find. In order to strictly control the quality of masks, many mask manufacturers have used mask cij printers, which have made great contributions to helping our production and processing workshops. The cij printer should also be properly maintained to cope with more coding tasks.

The inkjet logo will explain some precautions for the use and maintenance of the mask cij printer.

One, cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning is a very important job, not only cleaning the surface of the print head, but also referring to the maintenance of the entire ink system of the printer.

There are many reasons for the failure of the cij printer. We know that more than 90% of the failures are caused by the ink system. The ketone-based ink can be dried on the product surface in 0.3 seconds, while the nozzle The aperture (40 microns for micro characters, 60 microns for ordinary models) is very small, so the nozzle is easy to be blocked when it is not shut down normally.

Under long-term operation, impurities will accumulate in the pipelines and solenoid valves between the ink tank and the print head. Over time, the failure rate of the printer will increase (the performance is unclear typing, Ink line offset, ink leakage). If the shutdown time is too long, more than 5 days, then we must ensure that the shutdown is carried out according to the normal process. After the shutdown process is completed, the nozzle should be thoroughly cleaned at least 3-5 times to ensure that there is no ink residue inside the nozzle.

There is also a situation where the downtime is more than 30 days, then the customer will be advised to discharge the ink inside the machine, and use a special cleaning agent to clean the ink system (mainly filters, solenoid valves) after discharge. and other components) for cleaning, and then discharge the cleaning agent and add ink to work when the printer is ready to work next time.

Second, according to different models, maintenance precautions are also different. With a rich product line, there are dozens of marking equipment, including small characters, large characters, high resolution, thermal foaming, thermal transfer, UV and other types of equipment.

When operating the machine, we will all see that there are SOP operating procedures, just follow the above steps to use and maintain. As a very mature standard product, this is still very perfect.

The laser printing machine does not need much maintenance, just pay attention to cleaning the dust, and store it in a place that is not too humid to ensure that there is no unnecessary interference in the environment. Compared with small characters Types of equipment such as cij printers are much simpler. In addition, the properties of consumables (inks, solvents) will also have some differences in maintenance, such as the difference between fast-drying ink and slow-drying ink, such as alcohol-resistant ink and high-temperature resistant ink. There will also be some small differences, depending on the specific situation. You can contact the Leadtech Coding and marking after-sales service engineer for specific consultation.

The use of date coding machine cij printer is a great trend in today's world. What you should know is that it has become a very important part of business today.
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