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The development of inkjet printers and QR codes

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-02
can print two-dimensional codes. Two-dimensional codes are the rising star of modern signage products. Because they surpass traditional signage forms, incorporate modern high-tech technology, and have higher modern management and traceability functions, they have become popular among the general public. Logo form. Two-dimensional codes include many forms, and the main types of two-dimensional codes printed by cij printers are DM codes and so on. One of the two-dimensional codes has a full name of DM code, DataMatrix, which is a kind of two-dimensional code. Its characteristic is that the size can be adjusted arbitrarily, the largest can be 0.009m2, and the smallest can be 1.3×10-6m2. This size is among all current barcodes. The smallest, so it is widely used in parts, electronic products, etc., especially through the small character cij printer with higher working efficiency in the cij printer. The high-end model not only has a considerable printing speed, but also has a good recognition and reading rate. The above can also meet the current needs.  The information storage of our mainstream QR code will contain two parts, one is valid information and the other is error correction information. The error correction classification of DM is the only non-discrete continuous classification standard, which means that its error correction function can be arbitrarily set within its range according to the needs of users, so the DM standard has the strongest error correction function.  The reason why DM can become a more extensive form of identification in the market is also one of the important changes brought about by continuous major breakthroughs in quality and technology of inkjet products.
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