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The development of laser coding technology

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-06
In recent years, laser coding technology has developed rapidly. Compared with ordinary cij printers, laser printers still have many advantages. Therefore, they have developed well over the years. With the development of technology , my country’s laser printers began to integrate with the international market. Although cij printers have made good improvements over the years, there are always several unsolvable problems, such as environmental pollution, more consumables, and a higher failure rate than laser printers. Some industries have gradually declined, while the laser printing machine market has become larger. The laser printing machine is the result of scientific and technological progress over the years. It uses lasers, computer mainframes, internal software control, and external induction lamps to adjust work. Laser strengthening and heat treatment technologies are applied to the product surface to achieve permanent coding. Effect! At present, laser printers have just begun to be used in the Chinese market, but the momentum of development is very good. Laser coding technology adjustments, high reliability, no consumable costs, permanent coding anti-counterfeiting effects, and users In some places, laser printers are preferred. Because of the increasingly rampant counterfeit and shoddy products, customers in certain industries prefer to use the permanent anti-counterfeiting effect of laser coding for coding, in order to achieve the purpose of building brand reputation and combating counterfeit and shoddy products. Today's consumers have higher and higher requirements for product quality. How to get better from the current experience and technology is the technology to produce a higher-tech coding machine, and the price of laser inkjet printing machines is more affordable. These need the power of self-innovation in China's packaging machinery industry.
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