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The development prospects of inkjet printer equipment in recent years

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-15
1. It is more and more difficult to sell cij printers that are automated and independent. With the gradual saturation of the market, many manufacturers and processing plants already have their own marking equipment. Only one inkjet printer is purchased separately. The probability is increasing. The lower the value, the longer the time period. In market applications, an ordinary small character machine has a service life of about 7 years. If it is properly maintained, it is not rare that it has been used for more than ten years. manufacturers believe that in the future, more will be to increase efficiency, make matching marking equipment, provide production and marking work speed, and reduce labor costs. Automatic matching method procurement, which is the automatic marking that has been done by potential profit. At this time The inkjet printer is only one of the necessary links in the entire production line. It can communicate with the intelligent production line and print variable information. In 2018, the QR code inkjet printer represented this importance. . 2. The overall solution of coding and marking has the potential to start at the same time from many aspects of product production and processing technology, factory capacity allocation, personnel allocation, and degree of automation, providing customers with one-stop marking equipment procurement, automated production line transformation, and non-standard automatic spraying. The code platform is customized to provide an overall identification solution for the upper, middle and lower trips to improve customer procurement efficiency and reduce the difficulty of selection. In the product development and testing stage, we can provide customers with more targeted technical services. According to the product identification requirements of customers (such as electronics factories), we can customize the development of automated coding platforms to achieve high adhesion and high clarity. The code is in line with various environmental protection requirements and meets customer needs. 3. Large-format, high-resolution printing demand direction. The third point is mainly that as the content of the logo becomes rich, and consumers want to see more valuable information about the product, simply print a production date, expiration date, and Contents such as batch numbers can no longer meet the growing requirements of customers. QR codes have become the mainstream form of identification in the future. In China, QR-type QR codes can be used as an example, which can include functions such as Chinese, English, and URL redirection. It can achieve rapid product traceability, product marketing, and information acquisition. While the content is upgraded, the quality of printing is also changing at the same time, such as large-format, high-resolution printing requirements, from TTO thermal transfer printing The sales growth trend of TIJ and TIJ thermal foam inkjet printers can clearly see that the potential demand in the market is still very strong. 4. The demand for variable coding In many industries, simple fixed content coding can only achieve the presentation of some simple content. The demand for variable coding is mainly reflected in the assignment of variable barcodes and variable QR codes. Especially in some food industry, electronics industry, battery industry, mobile phone parts, computer parts industry, the demand for product traceability is very high, and variable coding has also become an inevitable product under a new development trend. 5. QR code application. From QR code, DM code and other barcode types, according to different applications and different product sales areas, there will be some differences in selection of QR codes, but their purpose is the same, and they are all for enriching the identification content. To realize the establishment of a big data platform for manufacturers to better understand customer preferences, trace product sales, understand market trends, understand some real-time feedback from customers, and make better products to cater to the market and enhance competitiveness. The above is the main points of the inkjet printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the cij printer official website http:/// leave a message and let me
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