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The development trend of metal packaging

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-12
With the rapid development of fast-moving consumer goods, the requirements for metal packaging have become clear and strict. At present, the application of small-character cij printers in various industries is the general trend. In metal packaging, small-character cij printers should also be able to exert their unique functions. Experts suggest that in order to meet the needs of the development of the food fast-moving consumer goods industry, metal packaging Enterprises should start from the following aspects to realize the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry as soon as possible: First, security. The concept of safety is not only aimed at the safety of the container itself, but also technical safety, environmental safety and other aspects. From an international point of view, metal packaging is safe, but there is still room for improvement. As consumers pay more attention to safety, and with the improvement of inspection methods, the concept of food safety in society is also expanding. The metal packaging industry needs to attach great importance to technology research and development, and continuous development and improvement are conducive to new food safety Products, new technologies, new processes. Second, economy. It is necessary to use advanced technology to further improve the competitiveness of metal packaging forms. Now the packaging industry has entered the age of packaging diversification. Metal packaging, glass packaging, and flexible packaging have all developed rapidly in recent years, and technology is also improving. In order to show its own characteristics, metal packaging must further adapt to the needs of end products to reduce costs in terms of cost growth. For example, in terms of new material selection and material reduction, there is still greater room for cost reduction. Third, convenience. The so-called convenience is not only the convenience of product packaging, but also the convenience of supermarket display. In recent years, metal packaging has done a lot of work in this area, such as the development and application of packaging forms such as easy-to-tear lids and magic jars. It should be said that convenience is the general trend in the development of the metal packaging industry in the future, and metal packaging companies have a lot to do in this regard. Fourth, traceability. The content that the cij printer prints on the metal packaging includes production date, production shift, shelf life and trademark, etc., which greatly improves the management of the product in the production and transportation process. Therefore, perfecting the traceability information industry on metal packaging will become inevitable. At present, the concentration of my country's metal packaging industry is relatively low. Except for the rapid development of several large groups, it is still relatively scattered on the whole, with small and medium-sized enterprises accounting for a large proportion. Therefore, experts also suggest that the metal packaging industry should strengthen communication and cooperation with food fast-moving consumer goods terminal manufacturers, and strengthen coordination and integration between enterprises in this industry in order to better serve food fast-moving consumer goods companies.
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