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The development trend of spurt the code machine in the era of big data

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-04
Big data horizon, necessity of constructing food safety information, a think-tank, the world is entering a high-tech era, this is a big data is highly developed and to make full use of the new era. Government departments to implement effective social food safety work, is increasingly dependent on food safety field of all kinds of data are collected and comprehensive utilization, also need more timely and accurate analysis of big data, large data can not only obtain industry development trend, also can realize the important resources, information sharing, matching resources rationally, eliminate waste products. Consumers in the market is more and more pay attention to the quality of the product and security, by scanning the qr code on the label, for the first time learn hands, production enterprises, origin of a product testing qualified condition, material composition and product source for information. Scan qr code to check the product origin information such as the way not only let consumers feel novel, more important is can directly understand the source of the product and qualified, bringing consumers trust. Big data dialysis machine industry development trend, make the production more wisdom, more clear change of the market, also let factory to develop targeted identification equipment, solve the problem of product identification, create value. From the original just for assigned a code can become pay more attention to the quality, the effect of environment and identifies itself. Had a deeper level of anti-counterfeiting, channeling prevention, the consciousness of marketing, big data statistics, the application of dynamic coding, also brought the second revolution of machine industry. The personage inside course of study thinks, the future of the next growth, will be the dividends of intelligent logo printing equipment. , manufacturers and users, different regions have different concerns, big data networking and aggregation, let manufacturers to learn more about printing equipment development, allow the user to know more about equipment, make equipment application threshold is low. In addition, more operators can zero base use and master the daily operation and management of equipment maintenance, factories to reduce costs, improve the degree of intelligent manufacturing, enhance the overall plant, the market competitiveness of products.
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