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The development trend of the food and beverage industry and the key role of CIJ technology in production

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-02

Consumers' diverse needs for food and beverages are driving the flourishing development of the food and beverage market, and this development has also brought unprecedented challenges to manufacturers. It can be said that realizing the extremely long uptime of production equipment is the only way to ensure that the production plan is implemented, so the production speed is very important, and at the same time, the role of process automation is also very critical.

Nowadays, a single product is increasingly unable to meet the market’s needs for different flavor combinations, packaging sizes, and packaging types. Consumers’ diverse needs for food and beverages are driving The food and beverage market is booming, and this development has also brought unprecedented challenges to manufacturers. For example, smaller packaging means that the production line needs to be changed more frequently; greater demand means that the efficiency of each production link must be improved... It can be said that achieving production equipment with long uptime is to ensure that the production plan is implemented Therefore, the production speed is very important, and at the same time, the role of process automation is also very critical. In terms of coding and marking, advanced systems and software have many advantages. For example, consistent high-quality coding helps to win the trust of users and help them protect their brand image, thereby stimulating consumers to buy products. The fundamental challenge faced by food and beverage manufacturers is speed and efficiency, due to any plans related to equipment failure Outside downtime will directly affect corporate profits, so improving the overall efficiency of equipment is becoming the mantra of global manufacturers. If the manufacturer solves possible production problems or implements maintenance procedures during product conversion or handover, these events that can be expected in normal operation will not affect profits. But when production is interrupted due to unexpected events, the trouble will be magnified.

For the food and beverage industry, there are a variety of inks suitable for E-JET-455B cij printers, some of which have special applications developed for special inks that will penetrate The condensation layer is perfectly attached to glass or plastic bottles. In addition, we have specially designed inks that can withstand the canning process-the product is sealed first, and then pasteurized in a high-pressure and high-humidity environment. In this process, the coding must not only withstand the destruction of the canning process, but also It must also be of extremely high quality in order to remain the same throughout the life cycle of the product. For canned food, the persistence of coding may take as long as several years.

Service network, customer personnel can directly communicate with our technicians online through the official website, obtain instant suggestions and remotely help solve problems, and can take corrective measures in real time and to a large extent To reduce reliance on the on-site maintenance team, thereby extending uptime. In the past, if a failure occurred, the operator had to immediately make a decision that might have a negative impact on the production line. Now, because remote experts can be quickly contacted and fully trained technicians can verify decisions, experts can help operators make faster and better decisions.

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