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The difference between micro-character inkjet printer and small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-22
Today, with the rapid development of marking technology, what is different from more than ten years ago is that the development of domestic inkjet technology has allowed domestic cij printer brands to stand at the forefront of the market for marking equipment, and domestic inkjet printers have diverse models and complete functions. The domestic cij printer has also been recognized by domestic large and medium-sized enterprises. We know that there are many types of cij printers on the market, such as small character inkjet printers, large character inkjet printers, high-resolution inkjet printers, laser marking machines, thermal transfer printers, and handheld inkjet printers. Wait. The micro-character inkjet printers that are different from the above models are gradually gaining market acceptance, and more and more purchasing companies are more inclined to micro-character cij printers when purchasing inkjet printers. Today, Leadtech inkjet printer manufacturers will introduce to you the differences between micro-character inkjet printers and small-character inkjet printers for reference when purchasing. The micro-character inkjet printer is also a continuous jet inkjet printer. The fundamental difference from the small-character inkjet printer is that the micro-character cij printer prints smaller characters, and the unit pixel produced is a dot matrix, and the diameter of the dot matrix is u200bu200bsmall. , So the printed text is small and not easy to spread. It is an ideal model for many industries.   Micro-character inkjet printers are often used in electronics, plastics, beverages, chemicals, wires and other products, and the effect of printing is clearer. Micro-character inkjet printers are usually used only when small-character inkjet printers cannot overcome them. For example, some products have smooth surfaces or small positions, and small-character inkjet printers are easy to spread or the effect is not good. And position deviation, etc. In this case, micro-character inkjet printers are generally used. The production date printed on the bottleneck of the common Nutrition Express is printed by a micro-character inkjet printer. Small character inkjet printers generally use nozzles with a 60μm nozzle aperture size, while microcharacter inkjet printers use 40μm or 50μm micron nozzle plates to achieve coding, so that the amount of ink used will be saved by 60%-70%, and print it out. The effect is also very beautiful. For more information about micro-character inkjet printers, please call Leadtech inkjet printer manufacturers.
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