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The difference between optical fiber and UV laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-26

Fiber pulsed laser refers to a kind of laser produced by using glass fiber doped with rare earth elements (such as ytterbium) as the gain medium. The wavelength of the fiber laser is 1064nm (same as YAG, the difference is that the working material of YAG is neodymium) (the typical wavelength of QCW and continuous fiber laser is 1060-1080nm, although QCW is also a pulse laser, but its pulse generation mechanism is completely different, The wavelength is also different), which is a near-infrared laser. It can be used to mark both metallic and non-metallic materials because of their higher absorption rates.

The fiber laser marking machine is realized by using the thermal effect of the laser on the material, or by heating and vaporizing the surface material to expose the deep layer of different colors, or by light energy. The microscopic physical changes that occur on the surface of the heated material (for example, some nano-scale and ten-nanometer-scale micro-holes will produce a black body effect, light can rarely be reflected, making the material appear dark black) and its reflective properties will change significantly, or by Certain chemical reactions occur when the light energy is heated, and the required graphics, characters, two-dimensional codes and other information are displayed.

Ultraviolet Laser

Ultraviolet laser is a kind of short wavelength laser. Infrared light (1064nm) is converted into ultraviolet light of 355nm (frequency triple) and 266nm (frequency quadruple). Its photon energy is very large, and it can match the energy level of some chemical bonds (ionic bonds, covalent bonds, metal bonds) of almost all substances in nature, and directly break the chemical bonds, causing the material to undergo a photochemical reaction without obvious thermal effects (nucleus, Certain energy levels of the inner electrons can absorb ultraviolet photons, and then transfer the energy out through lattice vibration, resulting in a thermal effect, but it is not obvious), which belongs to 'cold processing'. Since there is no obvious thermal effect, UV lasers cannot be used for welding, and are generally used for marking and precision cutting.

The UV laser marking machine process is realized by the use of UV light and the photochemical reaction of the material to cause the color to change. Appropriate parameters can be used to avoid obvious removal on the surface of the material. effect, so that graphics and characters without obvious tactile sensation can be marked.

Although UV lasers can mark both metals and non-metals, due to cost factors, fiber lasers are generally used to mark metal materials, while UV lasers are used to mark high surface quality, Products that are difficult to achieve by CO2 laser marking machines are matched with CO2.

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