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The difference between small character inkjet printer and micro character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

We know that there are two major types of inkjet printers in the cij printer industry: on-demand printing and continuous jetting. Usually, the small character inkjet printers we use are continuous jet inkjet printers. In addition to the small character inkjet printers, there is also a 'micro character inkjet printer'. This type of cij printer is also a continuous jet inkjet printer. Unlike small character inkjet printers, micro character inkjet printers print smaller characters. The generated unit pixel is called a dot matrix. The diameter of the dot matrix is u200bu200bsmall, so the printed text is small and not easy to spread. It is an ideal model for many industries.

Here, we briefly introduce the difference between small character inkjet printers and micro character cij printers: Micro character inkjet printers are usually used in electronics, plastics, beverages, chemicals, wires and other products , The performance is better than small characters. Usually it can only be used when the small character cij printer cannot overcome it. For example, some products have smooth surfaces or very small positions, and small characters are prone to spreading or poor printing and position deviations when printing on small characters. In this case, the micro-character inkjet printer is usually used.

Small character inkjet printers usually use nozzles with a nozzle diameter of 60um or 70um, while microcharacter inkjet printers use 35-50 micron nozzles for inkjet printing, which saves 60%-70% Ink usage. The printing effect will be improved by several grades. Therefore, the difference between the small character inkjet printer and the micro character inkjet printer is very big. In terms of price, the price of micro-character inkjet printers is usually much more expensive than the price of small inkjet printers. The price of inkjet printers is generally maintained at 30,000-60,000. According to the requirements and configuration and auxiliary equipment, the price of the micro-character inkjet printer is also different, so you must understand your requirements when buying the micro-character inkjet printer, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble after the purchase.

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