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The difference between thermal foaming and piezoelectric inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-25

According to the principle of ink drop formation, the ink jet printer can be divided into: thermal foam inkjet (representative), piezoelectric UV inkjet (Japan Ricoh, Kyocera, Seiko, Konica, etc.), electrostatic inkjet and sonic inkjet, among which thermal foaming type and piezoelectric type are more widely used. Piezo inkjet printers (PIJ cij printers) and thermal foam inkjet printers (TIJ inkjet printers) are both high-resolution inkjet printers, both of which are inkjet printers with a resolution (resolution) exceeding 200DPI. Equipment, the difference between the two is as follows:

The working principle is different

Thermal foam cij printer (TIJ cij printer Machine) The nozzle adopts semiconductor thin film technology, using laser process and high-precision deep-layer technology to form multiple nozzle holes with a diameter of about 50μm. These nozzle holes are arranged in high density. The inkjet is energized and heated by the thin film resistor, so that the ink produces countless tiny bubbles. , The bubbles gather into large bubbles at a very fast speed and expand, forcing the ink droplets to eject from the nozzle; when the resistor has no voltage, the heating is stopped and no ink droplets are ejected.

The piezoelectric inkjet printer (PIJ inkjet printer) uses the vibration of a piezoelectric crystal to generate ink droplets. A piezoelectric When the current passes through the piezoelectric plate, the piezoelectric plate produces a slight deformation. As a result of this deformation, the volume of the ink chamber is reduced, and the ink is squeezed to extrude a small amount of ink from the nozzle hole and form ink droplets.

The print quality is different

In the print quality On the one hand, because the thermal foaming inkjet printer needs to heat the ink during use, and the ink is prone to chemical changes at high temperatures, and the nature of the ink is unstable, and the color authenticity will be affected to a certain extent; on the other hand, because the ink passes through the air bubbles The directionality and volume of the ink particles are not easy to grasp, and the edges of the printed lines are easy to be uneven, which affects the quality of the printing to a certain extent.

Piezoelectric inkjet technology has stronger ability to control ink droplets, and the shape of ink droplets is more regular, positioning is more accurate, printing resolution is improved, and high precision is easy to achieve Print. Due to the continuous temperature stability, the viscosity and surface tension of the ink remain relatively stable when printing continuously for a long time, ensuring the consistency of the printing quality before and after.

Some other differences

The theoretical printing speed of the thermal foaming inkjet printer can reach 306 meters/min, while the pressure The current printing speed of the electronic inkjet printer is 120/min; the printing height of the single nozzle of the thermal foaming inkjet printer is within 20mm, and the printing height of the single nozzle of the piezoelectric UV inkjet printer can reach 54mm.

The nozzles using thermal foaming technology work in a high temperature and high pressure environment for a long time, the nozzles are easy to corrode, and the life of the nozzles is short; while the piezoelectric inkjet printers are used for inkjet printing. No heating is required, and the ink will not undergo chemical changes due to heating, which reduces the requirements for ink and extends the life of the nozzle (the life of the UV inkjet printer nozzle is 30 billion nozzles).

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