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The digital age, cake printer ink can really eat food? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-15
As is known to all, cake production are manual making, time needed for making a cake and the cost is very high, especially complex, some process modelling elegant cake, its production is time-consuming. Operators are needed to make a cake for a lot of practice to meet the requirements, time consuming. And it is difficult to give prize, is creative. Actually one kind of emerging technology has simplified cake baker tedious work, early cake baker need only do embryo cake, the cake surface covered with cream can, the rest to the digital jet printer cake. Digital jet printer cake can be directly on the surface of the cake custom all sorts of design, can be a cartoon design, landscape design, and even from the pictures, can ultra-high resolution reduction! Many people don't trust, although print cake with edible ink, can really eat? Ate will absorb some harmful chemicals? The cake printers use is high quality edible ink ( 可食用油墨) And don't have to worry about printed products can only far view cannot use. Ink safe and reliable, edible pigment extracted from vegetable extract, non-toxic health. Just need to select the want to print pictures, set the size of the print, the machine is simple easy to operate, and similar home printer as the operation is simple. The development of printer technology make it more widely used to our life, more detailed classification can satisfy the different demands of different groups. You must first consider when choosing a laser printing machine yourself using the environment, space, frequency, print habit and so on into consideration, find suits own printer. Custom exclusive cake, this is you know the business opportunities!
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