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The 'earth' eggs want to become 'foreign' eggs, you can do it with just one trick

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-03

At present, with the continuous improvement of material and cultural levels, people's requirements for food quality are gradually increasing. Consumers have a stronger brand awareness. Eggs are agricultural products. How can we quickly establish our own brand recognition system and become taller? In fact, many egg production companies have already begun to take action now, that is, using small characters

to 'stamp' eggs with inkjet printers. Coding eggs can not only improve the 'sale' of the eggs, but also allow consumers to clearly identify the merchant's brand and create a good impression of the brand.

Since small character cij printers are very helpful for egg companies to establish their own brands, how to choose egg inkjet printers? Small character inkjet printer

Provide you with the following professional advice:

1. Choose inkjet method:

At present, most of the inkjet printers on the market are inkjet, which is the mainstream. There are also laser cij printers, which account for a relatively small proportion. have high efficiency, and laser printers are large

Most of them are single-jet printers, so the efficiency is naturally lower, so the inkjet method is preferred.

2. Select the ink supply method:

Since the cij printer is selected, the ink supply method must be considered At present, there are two ink supply methods, one is a continuous ink supply system inkjet printer, positive pressure or negative pressure ink supply,

theoretically, it is continuous use. This can save energy and is the preferred method for large-scale assembly line factories. The other is an all-in-one ink cartridge, that is, the nozzle and the ink cartridge are integrated

Replace it when you use it up. This method is costly and not mainstream. The maturity of the technology remains to be seen.

3. Selection of coding efficiency:

The small character inkjet printer is divided into single nozzle and multiple nozzles. The efficiency of a single-jet printer is basically 5000 eggs per hour, because one line of spraying has to wait for one line, and a plate of eggs has to be stopped.

There is no need to wait for the machine, it only takes 2 seconds for a plate of eggs, and up to 40,000 eggs per hour are coded.

4. Printing content:

Customers’ awareness of the brand is gradually improving, not just printing A few characters are so simple, modern inkjet printers must print Chinese and English, simplified and traditional characters, characters, variable serial numbers, barcodes, pictures, LOGO, etc. .

5. Ink certification:

Eggs are food products, please choose the manufacturer whose ink is certified by FDA. And it is best to choose ink with anti-condensation characteristics, so that when the egg product is transferred from a cold environment to a hot environment, when the phenomenon of condensation occurs, it can maintain good printing quality—— It is best to condense just after spraying.

6. The price of the inkjet printer:

The price of the small character cij printer ranges from 10,000 yuan to 5 Tens of thousands vary, mainly depending on the printing method and the brand quality of the machine. For small and medium-sized enterprises, you can first consider the economical one-point inkjet printer, while for larger-scale enterprises, the quality, service life and production efficiency of the machine may have to be more considered. more.

7. after-sales service:

No matter how stable the inkjet printer is, there will be equipment failures. At times, the general egg company cannot repair it by itself. Therefore, when choosing a printer manufacturer, in addition to value

cost performance, more importantly, after-sales service. Now most of the small character inkjet printer manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to after-sales service, and some even propose a trade-in policy, such as

, which solves the worries of egg companies.

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