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The editor answers your questions-why is inkjet printer technology so widely used?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-10

Nowadays, in all walks of life, especially the packaging and printing industries such as food, tobacco and alcohol, beverages and drugs, cables, cosmetics, etc., it is necessary to continuously and high-speed text and number every day

Words, patterns, two-dimensional codes, etc. are printed on the outer packaging of the product. After continuous practice, it is finally found that the use of cij printers can greatly increase the efficiency of production.

The effect of the printing is very clear, which can effectively prevent counterfeiting, thereby enhancing the value of the product, enabling the company to win the recognition of consumers and gaining a larger market With

and more economic benefits.

In the era without inkjet printers, the text, numbers, patterns, QR codes, etc. on the product are usually manually This method not only limited the production speed, but also limited the scope of use of the logo. Later, mechanical roller punches, screen printers, and pad printers appeared. And other products, but the efficiency is still very low, and the clarity is not enough,

It is time-consuming and laborious, and the products produced cannot be recognized by the majority of consumers. Many companies therefore A lot of losses have been caused, so there is an urgent need for new

products to solve this problem for the label industry.

With the continuous efforts of scientists, small character inkjet printers have appeared on the market one after another. Because of its

high efficiency, clear logo and other characteristics, the inkjet printer is deeply loved by the majority of companies in the packaging and printing industry, and it has gradually become a change

The first choice behind the status quo, and different inkjet printers can be used in different fields, such as small character inkjet printers

Mainly used for inkjet printing Smaller text and patterned outer packaging.

The application of inkjet printers is so wide not only because it solves the backward status of the logo, but also because of its advantages.

The important reason for the application to understand is the speed of the inkjet printer. Needless to say the clarity, compared to the past

equipment, the inkjet printer has to be improved a lot. In addition, the cij printer also has a printing mark that can be adjusted according to needs. The size can be changed, the number of printing lines can be adjusted, and the degree of automation is high. It's so broad, the inkjet printer has all the advantages in one, welcome

to buy!

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