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The effect and influence of cooling water on laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-16

Many manufacturers of laser marking machines should know that in addition to fiber laser marking machines that use air cooling, the majority of other laser marking machines use water cooling. The marking machine manufacturers are here to explain to customers. Let's talk about the importance of water cooling for laser marking machines.

The water-cooled laser marking machine has very high requirements for water. Without water, the laser marking machine cannot run. It is best to turn on the other switches when the water is flowing. However, if someone is dirty, it is easy to burn out the accessories. The module that is most likely to be burned is the module, because there are 24 groups of very small holes in the module that must have water flowing. If there is dirt, it will block the water holes. If one is blocked, the laser will be small. If there are too many blocks, the module will be directly burned out, and the same is true for the Q head.

First, let’s talk about the effect of cooling water on the Q head. The Q head is a component that processes the laser. The temperature at work is also a bit high. Generally, a moment of waterless work will not cause a burnout failure for the Q head. But if the Q head works without water for a long time (usually within 3 seconds), then the Q head is also easy to burn out. If the Q head is burnt out, it is also a loss of several thousand yuan. Next, let's talk about the influence of cooling water and impurity on the laser marking machine. The cooling water is impure, which means that the cooling water has sediment after being used for a long time, or there are other things in the water tank due to improper protection. Let's talk about the sediment of cooling water first. It is generally recommended that the cooling water of the laser marking machine use distilled water or pure water, but many customers use mineral water. Mineral water contains a variety of minerals that will slowly precipitate a substance when used for a long time. If this substance is too much in the refrigeration system, because the water has to pass through the krypton lamp and the laser rod and the Q head. If the water quality is not good, it will form a surrounding circle for the laser rod, krypton lamp and Q head. When the surface deposits of the krypton lamp and the laser rod are too much, the intensity of the laser must be greatly affected. Because the laser is refracted in the cavity and emitted through the laser rod. The cleaner the cavity, the better the light intensity. But the quality of the laser is not only determined by one part of the cavity. Let's take a look at the fact that if the sediment accumulates in the Q head, it will cause a water blockage in the Q head. In this way, the Q head is easy to burn out.

Let's talk about the effect of water on the cavity. Because there are krypton lamps and laser rods in the cavity, the krypton lamps work through 220V alternating current. Krypton lamp is the light source of laser marking machine. The operating temperature is quite high. If the krypton lamp does not have cooling water for a moment when it is working. Then there will be a krypton lamp explosion accident. Generally, when there is no water, the explosion of the lamp is very serious. Basically, the things in the cavity, such as laser rods and glass tubes, are blown to pieces. In this case, thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars will be damaged. Therefore, when turning on the light, we must pay attention to the return water in the circulating water of the laser marking machine must be unblocked before the light can be lighted. When there is water to cool the cavity, if the laser marking machine explodes, it is generally caused by the aging of the krypton lamp. The frying lights found in such situations are generally mild. Because in the presence of water, the water for frying the lamp has a great buffering force for the impact of frying the lamp, that is, the force generated when frying the lamp is greatly reduced under the condition of water cooling.

Finally, let's see if there are impurities such as small plastics, iron filings, etc. in the cooling water. Because the pressure of the water pump in the water tank is very high, and some manufacturers design the water tank to design the water inlet at the bottom of the water tank, so once any impurities fall into the water tank, it is likely to be flushed into the cavity or even by the water pump. Inside the Q head, generally inside the cavity, if there are impurities rushing into the cavity, and the internal structure of the cavity is also very small, when impurities pass through, it may be stuck in the cavity, resulting in insufficient water supply to the cavity Or no water, because some manufacturers design water protection to install it on the pump. Therefore, as long as the water pump is working, the laser power supply can turn on the light, and in the case of impurity blocking the water and the water protection is installed on the water pump, it is very likely that the lamp will explode at this time. It is the same as the situation mentioned above, so the cooling water must be clean and free of impurities.

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