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The effect of flying laser marking machine on mineral water bottles

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-25

When it comes to laser marking machines, people may not be so unfamiliar, because many industries today are using laser marking machines to identify codes, LOGOs, patterns, etc. But when it comes to flying laser marking machines, people may not know it very well. If we pay attention to many products in our life, they are actually all operated by flying laser marking machines. For example, the date code on mineral water bottles, various beverage bottles, wine bottles, various food packaging bags, and cosmetic packaging boxes is the mark formed by the combination of galvanometer scanning and the movement of the workpiece on the assembly line by the flying laser marking machine. .

Conventional laser marking machines can only mark stationary objects, which not only wastes energy in production, but also causes serious duplication in production personnel. Status work.

The operation of the flying laser marking machine not only brings considerable benefits to industrial efficiency, but also has the functional nature of saving in the flow of people, time and energy. In the process of Leadtech Coding and marking, most of the products in the industry are presented in the assembly line. The flying laser marking machine and the assembly line can perfectly cooperate, reducing labor costs and increasing production capacity.

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