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The efficiency and effect of laser marking machine marking are the main indicators to measure the marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-27

Whether it is a laser marking machine, a pneumatic marking machine, a metal marking machine, a laser cij printer, an electrochemical marking machine, etc., all kinds of marking machines cannot escape the evaluation of their effects. The efficiency and effect of marking are the main indicators to measure the marking machine, especially the expensive Guangzhou laser marking machine. The laser can form a very thin beam, and the surface of the laser marked product has the smallest line width. It can reach 0.1 mm, creating a broad space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting. It can print complex text, graphics, barcodes, QR codes, product serial numbers, autographs, etc. Any graphics and text displayed on the screen can be immediately printed on the appearance of the specified product.

Laser marking machine not only improves the competitive advantage of products in the increasingly fierce market, but also has the advantages of shortening the product upgrade cycle and flexible production. Laser marking can also improve the appearance and brand effect of the product, and enhance the market competitiveness of the product. The marking effect of the laser marking machine is beautiful and meticulous, and the laser marking machine marks a permanent mark. It is instantly vaporized directly on the surface of the object by laser without any auxiliary tools. It can be distinguished by the naked eye, which is convenient for consumers to identify; the laser marking machine has no effect on the appearance of the product. For laser marking machines, these measurement standards are the special requirements of enterprises for their own products.

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