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The 'Father of QR Codes' without patent fees

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-01
A recent report showed that in 2019, the scale of the 'code economy' formed by the QR code as a carrier brought by the WeChat ecosystem reached 8.58 trillion yuan. The QR code was 'born' in 1994 when the Japanese bubble economy burst, but after more than 20 years, it blossomed in China. Hara Masahiro, an engineer from Denso Corporation who invented the QR code and known as the 'father of the QR codeIt has developed tremendously in China. If patent fees were originally charged, QR codes might not be so popular. The QR code technology will continue to be developed in the future, but it will remain open. Yuan Masahiro was born in 1957 and joined Denso Corporation, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Japan, in 1980. The company is a supplier of automotive technology, systems and parts. He told the 'Global Times' reporter that he was initially responsible for the development of barcode reading devices for convenience store customer logistics management. However, because of the small amount of barcode information, insufficient reading ability and low accuracy, errors often occur. So he thought, since there are so many flaws, can he develop some easier and more concise identification methods. Therefore, he started the research and development of QR codes in 1992. At that time, the Japanese economy was in recession, and the company's business situation was not very good. The Ru0026D team consisted of only two people including Yuan Masahiro. To read and recognize the QR code, a lot of corresponding software support is needed, and those software have to be developed by themselves, which takes a lot of time and is very difficult. Yuan Changhong recalled that the computer performance at that time was not very good. 'When the summer is hot, the computer often crashes, which is really painful.' In the end, it took two years for Yuan Changhong to develop a two-dimensional code technology that can record information in both horizontal and vertical directions, which has a greater amount of information and anti-fouling performance than bar codes. Denso Corporation and Hara Masahiro applied for a patent after inventing the QR code, but in order to make the QR code widely used, they decided to open up the patent completely without charging technology patent fees. Regarding the development of QR codes in the future, Yuan Changhong said that if you want to increase the amount of information in QR codes, you must rely on colors. The era of color QR codes may be coming. He said that the first generation is an ordinary QR code; the second generation is a QR code with guaranteed safety performance, which cannot be copied casually; for the third generation QR code, although a patent has been obtained, it still needs a long one. The way to go. 'I have the same belief about the third-generation QR code and the development of the first-generation second-generation QR code, that is, although I have a patent, it remains open.' Yuan Changhong said that there are more and more things that cannot be solved by relying on a certain kind of technology, and people who develop and research in their respective fields can only solve problems better if they are open-minded and use various technologies. The two-dimensional code produced by the inkjet printer makes it more convenient for manufacturers to make the two-dimensional code, and can add, delete or modify the information contained in the two-dimensional code at any time.

The two-dimensional code printed by the inkjet printer mainly tests the stability of the cij printer, including the ink and nozzle, the positioning of the printed object, and the size of the ink dot.

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