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The food and drug regulation has been more and more without the presence of laser marking technology

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-23

both food and medicine on security issues is particularly important, the food and drug problems, and has direct effect on human health is. This is why every time when the food and drug problems immediately on the microblogging hot search and got the attention of consumers and related departments and the national leadership, in recent years the safety of the food and drug problems in every year, there is always this or that kind of problem, in order to reduce the food and drug safety, relevant law enforcement must carry on the strict regulation.

to drug regulatory because responsible for people's health, but also a responsible for life. So in order to better for the food and drug supervision, for each of the different drugs, food, requires a detailed record of information, including: material name, specification, quantity, production date, batch number, expiration date, address, name, trademark, anti-counterfeiting code, bar code and other major information spray printing on commodity packaging, to consumer queries commodity information already so, also can facilitate the relevant law enforcement for commodity inspection, increase the possibility of a commodity being monitored, traceability.

however still have a lot of food, drugs can to avoid it. Mainly adopted traditional form of tags, using traditional notation gives bad commodities easy to avoid monitoring and tracing problem, the traditional tag under the form of information can be changed by external factors, such not only can deceive consumers, even qualitative inspect branch may be deceive pass a barrier. Because traditional edit form has brought the food and drug supervision, so the laser marking technology of laser marking equipment will be more and more recognized by businesses.

laser marking technology with the traditional form is different, the laser marking is mainly using high energy density laser to local irradiation by mechanic products, make its surface texture formation of gasification of a chemical reaction, which leaves a mark of a process, the whole process of tag belongs to consumable zero pollution, zero toward marked the information such as the pattern, anti-counterfeiting code, production date is permanent and cannot be changed, and this increases the possibility of a commodity is back, at the same time also reduces the undesirables trick want to muddle through. Laser marking machine has got the underlying commodity information can satisfy the food, pharmaceutical industry for information of the underlying demand, it is of very important significance for regulation.

as the laser marking technology applied in food industry, medicine industry, lead to some 'dirty' vendors can not change the commodity information, reducing the consumer rights and interests are violated, but also increased the anti-counterfeiting goods against the list of the performance of the goods. Goods made it dates back to a certain extent, can easily identify, when consumers buy and inferior goods can immediately find relevant departments to rights, and related law enforcement is able to quickly to unqualified commodity recycling, enterprises can also prevent undesirable businessman for forgery. For consumers, enterprises, law enforcement is very beneficial a marking equipment.

all in all, the existence of laser marking technology is not only for the food and drug regulation has importance role, for the cosmetics, cosmetic, jewelry, auto parts industries is also have the function of the importance, in the field of industrial laser marking equipment application is more and more widely.
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