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The function and working principle of galvanometer on fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-28

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Vibrating mirror The role and working principle of fiber laser marking machine

Friends who know a little about fiber laser marking machine know that galvanometer is the most important core of fiber laser marking machine Accessories, whether the fiber laser marking machine can operate normally, the galvanometer plays a decisive role, the galvanometer is like two legs of a person on the laser marking machine, so the speed of the laser marking machine galvanometer plays a crucial role. At present, the best galvanometer in the world is also the German SCANLAB galvanometer. A set of galvanometers range from more than 20,000 yuan to more than 100,000 yuan. The galvanometer is an excellent vector scanning device.

It is a special swing motor. The basic principle is that the energized coil generates a torque in the magnetic field. However, unlike a rotating motor, the rotor is equipped with a resetting torque through a mechanical coil spring or an electronic method. It is proportional to the angle at which the rotor deviates from the equilibrium position. When the coil is supplied with a certain current and the rotor is deflected to a certain angle, the electromagnetic torque and the restoring torque are equal, so it cannot rotate like an ordinary motor, but can only deflect, and the deflection angle is equal to The current is proportional to the galvanometer, so the galvanometer is also called galvanometer scanning galvanometer.

The principle of the galvanometer is: input a position signal, and the swing motor (galvanometer) will swing a certain angle according to the conversion ratio of a certain voltage to an angle. The whole process adopts closed-loop feedback control, which is composed of five control circuits including position sensor, error amplifier, power amplifier, position distinguisher, and current integrator.

Scanning galvanometer is the core component of the marking machine, and the performance of the marking machine mainly depends on the performance of the scanning galvanometer. The galvanometers currently used in China are all analog galvanometers. The main implementation is to use analog devices. Because analog devices are easily interfered by electromagnetic radiation from the surrounding environment, there will be scattered points, curved lines, and irregular fills during use. Patterns and other phenomena. Moreover, the speed of domestic analog galvanometer is slower than that of foreign countries, and its small step response time is above 300um.

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