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The function of the laser qr code bitmap marking machine know how much

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-20
Laser qr code bitmap marking machine can on the metal parts and plastic shell directly print the qr code on it. It has been widely used in car factory. Here to simply analyse the functions and characteristics of laser qr code bitmap marking machine: 1 qr code bitmap marking machine, laser print out the clear type, greatly improve the readability of the qr code code; 2, laser qr code access to the printing effect of the laser marking machine produced by sag, depth of 2 mm, so no loss phenomenon; 3, qr code bitmap marking machine no consumables, just need to plugged in can start to use; 4 qr code bitmap marking machine, laser controllability is strong, change of print content, only need to change or set in the computer can print content and rules, printable characters, graphics, etc. Such as trademark, specifications, production batch number, serial number, etc. 5, laser qr code lattice marking machine performance is stable, the operation is simple, maintenance is convenient. Laser qr code bitmap marking machine marking software functions: in addition to all kinds of ordinary tag function and serial number of the generation, but also has rich editing function, the content of the tag for different parts drawing no. , location, the marking parameters such as content, has the memory function, easy to call. Laser qr code bitmap marking machine to buy, please contact online customer service.
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