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The great changes brought by the metal laser marking machine to the metal industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-22

Metal laser marking machines can be divided into semiconductor laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines, which are suitable for any metal materials. The introduction of laser marking technology in the production of stainless steel metal products has greatly changed the working environment and greatly It improves work efficiency, not only saves human resources, but also saves a lot of time. The marking on conventional products generally only takes 2-5 seconds. If the assembly line flying marking is used, the speed is quite fast. And from the perspective of environmental protection, it breaks through what traditional craftsmanship cannot accomplish.

The laser marking machine equipment without consumables will not cause pollution to the environment and human body, and is currently the most environmentally friendly technical equipment. The advantages of laser marking equipment in the technical field have been extended to various industries, which have played a role in promoting high-quality and efficient products and opened up new paths for future production. The laser marking machine uses high-tech photoelectric energy to gather energy to locally mark products such as metals, which is a high-tech production capacity that other marking equipment cannot reach; the application of laser marking technology is known as one of the four modern scientific and technological inventions, especially It is a fast application in material processing and industry, and is accepted by most enterprises. The world has a new understanding of light sources. Driven by laser technology, the unique high-quality marking technology of laser marking technology is to change the chemical reaction of the material itself after photoelectric energy conversion, thereby forming a permanent LOGO and the like. After many years of technical accumulation, laser technology can achieve refined processing of photoelectric energy and symbols, fonts, patterns, etc. that need to be marked after high-precision computer control; compared with other equipment It is a special advantage. The laser marking equipment will not come into contact with the product during processing, and will not cause damage to the product. It is an instantaneous temperature, and the affected area is also small, and it will not cause damage to a large area, which ensures the accuracy of the product. Laser marking The marking application of the machine in the metal and non-metal fields has gradually become a relatively mature technology, and is widely used in the processing field and other aspects. The lines marked by laser can reach the fine requirements of millimeter level, and the appearance of the product has been improved.

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