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The heating reason and heating method of laser printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-16
The viscosity of the ink used by the cij printer will change with the change of the ambient temperature. The impact of environmental temperature and humidity changes on the cij printer, this effect is mainly the impact on the ink and the inkjet effect. The degree becomes lower, the fluidity of the ink decreases, and the viscosity increases. As the temperature increases, the fluidity increases and the viscosity decreases. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the constant temperature of the printer! There are two ways to heat the printer to keep the printer at a constant temperature.   There are two ways to heat the printer: one, overall heating; two, local heating.   Whole heating. Many brands of cij printers are designed to heat the entire ink tank with the heat from the components in the inkjet printer, and the temperature of the ink tank rises to ensure the ink temperature. When the printer is running, the module generates heat (gear pumps, low-voltage power supplies, high-voltage packages, and motherboards are all heat-generating modules), which causes the temperature in the entire chassis to rise, and the ink in the ink tank will rise accordingly. The ink in the ink tank can be kept at a constant temperature. In addition, another shortcoming of overall heating is that due to poor heat dissipation of the printer, the temperature of the case rises in summer, and the heat stays in the case, the temperature becomes very high, and it is easy to burn out the components in the printer.   Local heating. Local heating is to heat some components on the nozzle. The ink of the cij printer passes through the nozzle pipe and then to the nozzle during operation, passes through the charging electrode and the deflection plate, the ink drop is deflected in the electric field formed by the high-voltage deflection plate, and then ejected by the nozzle to form the text to be printed. If this process can ensure a constant temperature of the nozzle, the ink flowing through the nozzle can also be kept at a constant temperature. It is often used in high-resolution cij printers, that is, high-precision cij printers. The local heating allows the ink viscosity to maintain a proper range, ensuring a constant good inkjet effect.
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