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The high-end of small character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-05

The main way for the inkjet printer to generate the mark is to form dots by ink or laser, and the dots are then formed into various parts of the mark. Here, the ink dot formation, fineness and speed of inkjet printers, high-end inkjet printers can all form greater advantages.

First of all, speed is an important factor for high-end and low-end inkjet printers. High-end inkjet printers are all producing ink dots. At that time, it has a faster processing speed, and the ink of low-end inkjet printers

The dot generation speed is relatively slow. Although the speed of the logo has a greater relationship with the complexity of the logo. One is because time is money for an enterprise or company. Only by increasing the speed can the efficiency of the company be improved. The other is because in some high-speed production lines, the use of low-end , not only can’t keep up with the speed, but at the same time

, the fineness of the inkjet marking will decrease, and the low-end ink drying speed is also very slow, which will lead to The logo will become blurred in the later stage, or even become flowery. It is equivalent to saying that the direct failure that caused the coding

And high-end inkjet printers are much larger than low-end cij printers in terms of the number of lines that support product identification. Generally, high-end inkjet printers can print 4 to 8 lines at a time, while low-end inkjet printers perform well on 2 to 4 lines of marking inkjet codes. The continuous small character black ink inkjet printer is a non-contact inkjet marking equipment for industrial use. This inkjet printer can print 4 lines and the nozzle diameter is 55 microns. Stable and reliable ink system adopts German original technology and all imported core components.

The stability and design rationality of high-end inkjet printers. High-end cij printers perform very well in terms of stability, and are more reasonable in terms of design, experience and some details.

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Its solution is economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance and reliable operation.

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