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The importance of laser marking machine in product anti-counterfeiting use

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-03
Product anti-fake mark significance lies in the brand of products, for consumers to maintain their own brand. Many enterprises of anti-counterfeiting technology there is no understanding, only know it is not simple imitation, product id, is just like our personal id card. Products anti-counterfeiting technology is to tailor-made for each product design in accordance with the characteristics of product anti-counterfeiting mark, is the real will solve the problem of the anti-counterfeiting mark, not useless. With a laser marking machine to proprietary, qr code, bar code marking brand, logo and other important information, is now the most common anti-counterfeiting technology. Laser marking machine laser marking technology is relatively mature at present stage, the use of it by marking out design is very delicate, the line of bar code can achieve mm to micron level, accurate print the barcode on the goods, marking will not affect the object itself. Many businesses are worried about the anti-counterfeiting code over time or is affected by external factors and blur, all this worry is superfluous, use laser marking will not appear this kind of circumstance, it is permanent marker, has certain security role. It is worth noting that is not a laser marking machine can be conducted on different material marking, such as optical fiber laser marking machine is suitable for any metal ( Non-metallic) Material, CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for most of the non-metallic materials, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine is more suitable for super precision processing of high-end market, such as LCD glass qr code marking, punching, metal surface coating glassware surface marking, etc. 。 。 。 。 。 Merchants in selecting laser marking machine must be more own actual demand to choose laser marking machine products. Everybody wants to know the anti-fake data of laser marking machine can be clear, a variety of forms such as bar code, the qr code, these forms have a corresponding read equipment, can reduce human input lag, to a certain extent as anti-fake data carrier is suited. So, laser marking machine in product use exactly what is the importance of security? 1, add the selling point for product, enhance the brand image, enhance the product brand visibility, by the trust of consumers. 2, make goods have level, have a certain role in promoting effect on sales, relative to some goods not anti-counterfeiting mark, consumers are more willing to buy anti-counterfeiting mark of goods. 3, can in virtually to advertise products and reduce the cost, when we check to see if the goods quality goods, can immediately know which company is. 4, can better management of goods, the existence of the anti-counterfeiting mark is equivalent to give goods increased the bar coding, allow them more understanding of commodity information in the management. 5, improve the company's image, the piracy, anti-counterfeiting mark is endowed with the uniqueness of goods, counterfeit goods nowhere to hide. Anti-counterfeiting mark is not just a simple logo, or a product marketing tools, that is a big selling point anti-counterfeiting mark. The use of anti-counterfeiting mark to provide guarantee for consumers, anti-counterfeiting mark let consumers to buy the safety and health products, its advantages and value is far more than that.
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