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The importance of laser marking machine marking technology

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-13
With the deepening of inkjet printer marking technology in every corner of our lives, especially in industrial production, the application range is more and more extensive, and it is becoming more and more complex, making marking an indispensable and important part of production in various industries. . So, what are the main aspects of the importance of inkjet printer identification technology? According to our experience, we have found that inkjet printer identification technology is mainly reflected in these places:    One, it is conducive to product identification by marking special products on the product Logos, brand names and trademark patterns, etc., can make products stand out from the competition and increase brand awareness.  Second, prevent counterfeiting.    Manufacturers can often prevent and suppress counterfeiting by marking their products. The application of new technologies enables legitimate manufacturers to stay ahead of counterfeiters. This is an important extension function in inkjet technology.  3. Increasing the added value of the product   Marking the trademark or the name of the manufacturer on the plastic pipe means a promise. Consumers usually think that this is a product of a company that has relatively complete quality tracking and is responsible for product quality. 4. Improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Inkjet printers are used in many industries such as food, beverages, building materials, wire and cable, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, etc. Therefore, choose the most suitable type of inkjet printer, especially important.  Fifth, the need for product tracking records  The batch number, shift or production date of the product is directly printed on the product, so that each product has good traceability, which greatly facilitates the quality management of the enterprise and the regional management of the product. This is also one of the most basic functions of printer marking.   If you want to buy a superior inkjet printer, then the marking technology of the inkjet printer is an important part we need to study.
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