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The importance of logo

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-16
are our most common marking equipment, and they are now widely used in production lines in various industries. There are many types of products in the cij printer industry. Our common marking equipment is mainly small character inkjet printers, which are widely used in small packaging products. Small package products are our common packaging, including food, daily chemicals, beverages, etc. These products are small in size, and the products need to be marked on the smallest packaging. Basically, the demand for marking is also greater. And these are closely related to our lives, the product update time is short, and the product output is large. Using small character cij printers can achieve the desired marking effect. The height of the identification characters on the small package is generally about 8mm to 20mm. The use of inkjet printers can make the product beautiful, the logo will not be damaged and will never be worn out, which is very helpful for the clean and beautiful effect of the product. The application of small character cij printers on these small packages has been rewarded with many successful effects. The product has also been optimized for this type of packaging and is one of the important identification assistants.
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