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The important role of lasers in product anti-counterfeiting

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-26

Piracy is rampant, disrupting the market and making pirated merchants win-win in terms of brand and revenue. Therefore, in terms of product anti-counterfeiting, companies must take certain anti-counterfeiting measures. In products, laser marking machines are widely used. , The characteristics of laser anti-counterfeiting and non-smearable signs have been recognized by merchants.

Laser printed anti-counterfeiting QR code

Product identity, just like personal identity. To design an anti-counterfeiting label that meets its own characteristics for each product, it is necessary to tailor the product anti-counterfeiting technology, which is the anti-counterfeiting label that solves the problem, not a fake one. At present, the commonly used anti-counterfeiting technology is laser marking machine, which can mark important information such as barcode, two-dimensional code, brand, logo and so on.

It should be pointed out that not all laser marking machines can perform laser anti-counterfeiting marking on different materials. For example, fiber laser marking machines are suitable for any metal (non-metal) materials, and CO2 laser marking machines are suitable for The marking machine is suitable for most non-metallic materials, and the UV laser marking machine is more suitable for the processing market, such as LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glassware surface drilling, metal surface coating marking, etc. Merchants are choosing laser When marking machine, you must make corresponding choices according to your actual needs.

What is the importance of laser marking machine in product anti-counterfeiting?

1. Improve the corporate image, combat piracy, and the existence of anti-counterfeiting labels endows products with counterfeit products nowhere to hide.

Second, let the products have a hierarchy, which has a certain promotion effect on sales. Compared with some products without anti-counterfeiting marks, consumers are more willing to buy products with anti-counterfeiting marks.

3. It can advertise products invisibly and reduce publicity costs. When consumers see whether a product is a brand, they will immediately know which company's product it is.

Fourth, increase the selling point for the product, enhance the brand image, improve the product awareness, and win the trust of consumers.

5. It can better manage commodities. The existence of anti-counterfeiting labels is equivalent to adding bar codes to commodities, which is convenient for merchants to better understand commodity information during management.

The date of manufacture marked by the laser is counterfeit-proof.

For merchants, anti-counterfeiting is definitely a priority. For example, during the outbreak, 3M's N95 masks can be identified by checking the laser anti-counterfeiting masks on the market, production date anti-counterfeiting and so on. It is true that what the laser marking machine does is not only laser anti-counterfeiting, it is also a tool for selling products, and the non-fading logo greatly improves the life of the product logo.

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