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The important use of inkjet printers in the production field

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-27

marking technology is more and more widely used in the production field, and it is applicable to almost all industries, because product marking has become indispensable in the production of various industries important parts of.

①Using inkjet printers to mark special logos, brand names and trademark patterns on products is conducive to product identification and enhance consumers' brand awareness.

②The inkjet printer prints the batch number, shift or production date on the product, which makes the product traceable and simplifies the production quality management of the enterprise.

③Manufacturers apply inkjet printer identification technology to product anti-counterfeiting, which can prevent and restrain illegal businesses from counterfeiting profits.

In the fields of food, beverages, building materials, wires and cables, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, etc., inkjet printers are widely used. Common types of inkjet printers on the market have small characters , high-resolution inkjet printers, handheld cij printers, laser inkjet printers, etc., different types of inkjet printers have different uses.

Small character inkjet printers are widely used, but they are not suitable for printing on silicone rubber, Teflon and other products. The high-resolution cij printer is suitable for products that require high-definition image printing, as well as products that require variable data printing of barcodes, two-dimensional codes, and databases.

The handheld inkjet printer is suitable for large items such as plates and cartons and products without a fixed production line. The operation is more convenient but the aesthetics is poor. Laser printers are suitable for most industries. In some high-temperature assembly lines, laser printers can be used when ink printers are not suitable, but laser printers will damage the surface of the product. consider carefully.

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