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The influence of laser inkjet printer on traditional inkjet printer industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-07

How much influence does the laser printer have on the traditional inkjet equipment industry? The laser cij printer has a wide range of use and high efficiency. It can be used in different industries and different production lines. For user needs, it can be debugged and installed according to the user's site. The performance of the laser machine is stable, and there is no use of consumables. The pollution is extremely low, and it is easy to learn and operate. Any user can learn to operate in a short time, edit patterns, and turn on and off easily. For the inkjet marking industry, it has to be said that it is a big impact, and the various drawbacks of traditional inkjet printers have brought unprecedented challenges.

The price of laser cij printer makes it more competitive. The first impression of laser inkjet printer will definitely exceed that of cij printer in terms of price, and the price of imported laser printers It is expensive, which makes us lack the desire to further understand its performance and advantages. In fact, with the maturity of domestic laser tubes, the cooperation with imported galvanometers is getting better and better, and it is compatible with domestic self-developed system software. It is getting stronger and stronger, and its price cost is also showing a downward trend, and it is not much more expensive than imported inkjet printers, which is a price that is more acceptable to customers.


In addition, we can't just look at its price in the scope of laser marking and marking. The price is no longer the reason why we choose traditional cij printers and imported laser inkjet printers. It also depends on its social benefits, its future development prospects and the benefits it can bring to enterprises. Laser machines are not only The opportunity for us to transform into a high-standard enterprise is an innovative approach for many enterprises. Through the understanding of laser marking, corresponding user market development can be carried out. Laser products represent high quality and are a kind of user's perception of brand products. Demand is a transformation that must be faced in the development of enterprises.

still have a large number of potential customers, and it is unrealistic for laser machines to completely replace inkjet printers. Most of them use traditional cij printers. After years of repeated certification and increased publicity, not only the laser machines are quickly recognized by the majority of traditional enterprises, but also many enterprises are willing to join the laser marking group, whether it is from social effects. , or the requirements of the factory environment, or the care for the physical and mental health of employees, the saving of corporate funds, and the requirements for equipment stability. It has its own set of overall solutions for different materials and different surface shapes.

According to statistics, the domestic demand for laser machines is still very large. The well-known equipment has been promoted, and it will play a role as one of the first batch of traditional inkjet marking innovation and transformation suppliers, and will play a leading role in the future market.

We have great confidence in the accessories, facilities and performance of laser printers, serve customers with the best products, and make full use of the unique advantages of laser printers , to promote the popularization and development of laser machine equipment, Masa laser machine is currently recognized by the global industry as a high-tech laser printing machine with the fastest speed and stable performance. It will surely become the leading product in the laser machine in the 21st century. The supply of different equipment for different materials, including semiconductor laser inkjet printers and carbon dioxide laser inkjet printers, will provide users with the best and most complete overall solution for marking.

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