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The ink dots of the automatic inkjet printer fall to the edge of the recycling pipe, is this normal?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

With technical improvements and upgrades, inkjet printers have gradually realized automated operations, and their processing performance has become even better. Different industry applications, the comprehensive functions of cij printers are also different, in the use of the process should be specifically distinguished. Regarding the use of inkjet printers, there are also feedback from users that ink dots fall to the edge of the recycling pipe during use of automatic inkjet printers. Is this normal? Do you need to deal with it?

Everyone should pay attention that if the ink dots of the automatic cij printer fall to the edge of the recycling pipe, it will cause the ink to hang in the recycling pipe. Simply put, it is the ink accumulation in the recycling pipe, which will affect the normal operation of the cij printer. For homework, it is recommended that everyone encounter this situation to troubleshoot in time and do a comprehensive treatment. Generally, you must first consider whether the ink line position is correct. According to the operating requirements of different cij printers, the setting will be different. It is necessary to check the ink line position in advance, whether it meets the needs of inkjet processing, and adjust it in time to avoid later There is a problem with the coding.

Secondly, whether the ink is normal should be considered. At present, many inkjet printers still use ink, and the inkjet printer itself has the requirement of ink use, and it must be able to match the coding operation. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the actual adjustments, and be optimistic about the viscosity, concentration, and shelf life of the ink, and adjust and deal with ink problems in a timely manner to ensure the stable operation of the inkjet printer.

The ink dot problem of the automatic cij printer must also be comprehensively checked for the inkjet industrial inkjet printer to see whether the correct grounding has been completed and whether it is effectively applied. If the equipment itself has certain problems, it will also affect the effect of the coding operation. It is recommended to deal with it in time to support effective processing.

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